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  JIM BAYNE / Area President - BB&T Insurance Services of CA


Larry Coons and the professionals at William Lawrence & Associates have worked with me for over 24 years. Using the Personametrics System, we have been able to drastically improve the hiring process in the various companies that I have managed. The Personametrics System is in-depth, logical, and very accurate. I use the Personametrics Assessment for every position that we fill. The tremendous number of position specific validations that WLA has accumulated in the Personametrics System makes the testing and hiring process as infallible as it can be.

I would not want to run a business without having William Lawrence & Associates and the Personametrics System as part of my team.  I believe they can help practically any organization improve its operations, leadership and, ultimately, their bottom line.  They will be a significant contributor to your success.”

  ERNIE BEAUDET / Regional Bank President


I have used/consulted with William Lawrence and Associates for approximately 15 years and recommend them for any and all needs any business might have relative to personnel and/or human resources.  I could not function without their testing programs when hiring and equally important are their skills in helping me “coach up” employee that need help.  Once their programs are in place they will have the backdrop/resources to solve and all problems you might encounter.   They are all competent professionals helping those responsible handle the tough job of handling the most valuable resource of any business, its people.  There is no limit to what they can do.  Try them, they will introduce you to a whole new way of handling human resources.  One that will make your job much easier to organize and understand and therefore, much more manageable.”

  DAVID KEISER / Executive Vice President - Tioga Pipe Supply Company


By using the Personametrics System as a critical evaluation tool we were successful in moving our organization from a paternal, family-run company into a dynamic professionally-run family business.







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